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If you are interested in learning about our way of life, getting a taste of living in harmony with

nature, or simply looking for a change of scene, you can come and stay with us.

We are currently semi-off-grid and our goal is to live in the most sustainable and self-sufficient

way possible. The place is a work in progress, but the land and the house should improve as

time goes by. Which is why we are looking for people who would like to come and experience

the countryside living for themselves.

For anyone who wants to volunteer with us, we will provide meals and accommodation. We

don’t expect more than 16-20 hours a week, so you will have plenty of free time to spend as you

please. In exchange for your help, we will share our knowledge with you.



There are plenty of things to keep us busy all year around. However, we don’t expect our

volunteers to get involved with every single task. No matter which jobs you choose, it will create

opportunity for us to improve the space.


The jobs we need help with include:

Animal care. We currently have goats, rabbits and guinea fowl, and they all need feeding,

taking to pasture, checking over, and cleaning.

Firewood. Preparation for the winter starts early! To have enough firewood to keep us warm in

the winter, it needs to be cut, split, and stacked.

Plot maintenance. This includes scything and mowing grass, pruning trees, shredding

branches, and maintaining walking paths.

Vegetable garden. From sowing and planting, to weeding and watering, growing food requires

consistent effort throughout the warm months of the year.

Harvest. For all the hard work to pay off, the crops need to be harvested at an appropriate time.

This includes foods from the vegetable garden, as well as fruit and berries from the trees and


Food preservation. Once things have been harvested, it’s all about making things last. While

some foods naturally keep for a long time, others need to be frozen, canned, pickled, dried, or

even turned into wine!

General tidying. Unfortunately, this place has stood idle for many years before we moved here.

As a result, there is plenty of rubbish to be sorted, recycled, repurposed, or burned.

As well as ongoing and seasonal jobs, we have a list of projects for 2022 you can check out. If

you are interested in getting involved with any of them, please get in touch.

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Staying here

Capacity. We can currently host up to two people at a time. The location is not child-friendly, as

it resembles a building site at the moment. It is currently not wheelchair-friendly, but we are

working on it to make the place more accessible in the future.

Accommodation. You will have the choice of staying in a large bell tent equipped with

electricity (and heating, if required) or a part of the house. Self-accommodation is welcome. You

will have an option to set up your camper van, caravan, car extension or tent if you prefer.

Amenities. We have an outdoor solar-powered composting toilet and an outdoor heated

shower. The toilet has a sink for washing hands, brushing teeth etc.

Food. We are a vegan household, so all the food and drinks we provide will be vegan-friendly.

We can also accommodate some dietary requirements provided that we have been given

enough notice. You are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks in addition to what we


Internet access. We have unlimited WiFi with decent speed, which means you can work

remotely while you’re here and keep in touch with your friends and family.

Sporting equipment. Ian built an indoor bouldering wall, so if you’re a climber passing by, you

will have the opportunity to train while you’re here. We also have plenty of yoga mats, with the

option to practice with Cat. Additionally, we have a slackline, a badminton set, fingerboards,

tyres and resistance bands you can use.

Pet-friendly. You are welcome to bring your pets as long as they are well-behaved and don’t

pose danger to our animals. We will provide food for the volunteers but please make sure you

can feed your pet.


Our homestead is located in the Ignalinos region in East Lithuania. It is surrounded by beautiful

woodland, lakes, and several national parks. Although there are small villages close by, ours is

a standalone homestead with no immediate neighbours.

The two nearest “big” towns are Ignalina (30 km away) and Visaginas (25 km away). They have

shops, bars, ATMs, pharmacies, hospitals, vet clinics, hardware stores, and other standard

features you may need during your stay. We tend to travel there at least once a week to get

food and drinks, so you will have the option to come with us or have us pick something up for

you. Ignalina and Visaginas also have train stations with connection to Vilnius, as well as coaches

that travel to other parts of Lithuania. If you travel by car, Vilnius is only a 2-hour drive away.

The official language of Lithuania is Lithuanian, although many people speak great English,

especially in towns and cities. Lithuanian currency is EUR, but the prices are lower compared to

Western European countries, such as France or Germany.


Please beware that in the warm time of the year, there are various insects, including

mosquitoes, deer flies, horse flies, and ticks. We take care to keep the house as insect-free as possible.

Repellent is a must, and if you can get a vaccination from tick-borne diseases, it’s a bonus.

Other things you can do in the area:

● Walking, cross-country running, cycling, foraging - spring through autumn

● Swimming, boat rowing, stand up paddleboarding (SUP) - summertime

● Skiing, ice skating - winter

● Visiting animal sanctuaries, nature reserves and educational facilities

● Attending music festivals, seasonal fairs, sporting events, holiday festivities

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