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About Us

Welcome to Crooked Cottage Eco Project! We are Cat and Ian, a married couple who decided to move from a large city in the UK to Lithuanian countryside in 2020. We bought a rural homestead that came complete with 1.5 hectares (3.7 acres) of land and an old wonky house, hence the name. And now we get to embrace an alternative way of living in rural Lithuania.


Sustainable living

Our intentions are simple. We want to focus on creating a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. This includes growing our own food, composting waste, repurposing and upcycling materials, and coming up with creative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.

We plan to achieve that by incorporating traditional methods inherited from the locals as well as modern permaculture techniques. 

Rewilding and conservation

In everything we do, we want to work in harmony with nature. As well as enjoying the perks of living in the countryside, we want to make sure we do our part to maintain the balance. 

A big part of that is to preserve existing nature spaces on our plot, such as woodland, shrubbery, and a pond. The other part of the equation is planting trees to create new habitat for the local wildlife.


Learning and education

Living in the countryside comes with many challenges. Challenges that we welcome because we see them as an opportunity to learn. When embarking on an adventure like this, we think it’s essential to keep an open mind and remember that there is no universal right way of doing things. 

To pay it forward, we also want to share our experiences and skills with anyone interested in learning about sustainable living.


Growing a community

By sharing our journey, we hope to connect with like-minded individuals, both within Lithuania and across the globe. As well as creating an online community, we welcome volunteers for mutually beneficial skill exchange. 

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