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Rewilding Project


Hi! Cat and Ian here. In 2020, we moved from a large city in the UK to the Lithuanian countryside, where we purchased an old rundown homestead. Our new home came complete with 1.5 hectares of land. Our goal is to dedicate at least 25% of the land to wildlife.
The first step towards achieving that is planting native varieties of trees and shrubs, which would encourage a more diverse environment and create a habitat for the local fauna. We already have a meadow and a pond dedicated to wildlife. We are committed, now and going forward, to keep the rewilded areas protected and managed until they are completely established.
In addition to over 250 established native trees (including oak, birch, rowan, hawthorn, and linden), our goal for 2022 is to add 600 more. And perhaps we can even capture some carbon along the way! 
We are excited to share this process with you here on buymeacoffee, and hopefully, encourage other people to think about ways they can help wildlife in these difficult and uncertain times!

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